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Teaching 101: The Development Lesson

The development lesson is a method of teaching in which something new is presented or developed. It may be a fact, a principle, a skill, a generalization, or some knowledge. It must be something the class did not know before.
This kind of lesson has two types: the formal and informal. The formal development lesson uses formal time-tested method with definite steps. It may use the question-and-answer or Socratic Method. It may use the conversational method or what some authors call "developmental method" where the child is encouraged to see the facts, form his judgement, discover truths for himself, and make a conclusion.
According to Thomas M. Risk (1965), "The developmental procedure is the antithesis of the authoritative method, through which the learner receives the information given by some authority--generally the teacher or the textbook. As ordinarily interpreted, the term " developmental study method" is appliead to a direct learning procedure, under the…